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Many customers refer to us with ideas, wishes and dreams. Each from them is unique. Our team work with expert knowledge is assuarance for creation of strong and real projectsin field of cosmetic production. Cooperation with many european raw material producers, our skills and service can make easily your business with cosmetic products.

We are able to comply your specific technology needs. Connection between yours and our laboratory can bring to your company many succesfull cosmetic projects. We are able to lead you during each faze of cosmetic production. We offer your company all steps cosmetic production – from development of product to labelling and packaging.

Why production of cosmetic from our company?


Based on your requirements, we can provide you complex solution of products and formulations.

Product development

Our R&D team is ready to develop, test and finalize sophisticated products, with optimum ratio of actives and efficiency. All steps are done in accordance with the new cosmetic, pharmaceutical and dermatology trends.

Taylor made production

Our flexible team together with the technical support can quarantee premium control during the manufacturing proces of formulations. Our company is certified ISO 9001 and IFC.

Packaging and final product

We can provide our customers with a wide range of product packaging, from logistic to final customeŕs packafe. We cooperate with a wide range of packaging pruducers from all the wold.


Can give to each produc some competitive advantage or bennefits. Based on collective solution, our marketing department prepare desitions which are well intelligible to the final customers. All bennefits must be interesting and well communicated.

Relationship in field of cosmetic production can bring you:

  • Products especially prepared for your customers.
  • Our long-time know how in the field of creation and manufacturing of cosmetic products and their marketing.
  • Our strictness in quality and preparation of the cosmetic formulation.
  • Development and manufacturing in accordance with european standards and regulations.
  • Constant quality and control of produced preparation.
  • Marketing support for your products.

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