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Raw materials for the food industry

We are one of the leading providers of raw materials for the food industry. Within the food industry, ACE Trade focuses mainly on supplies in the fields of flavourings, drinks emulsions and active substances. We supply over 3 000 types of vitamins, extracts, active substances, probiotic strains and other raw materials for the food industry. We are continuously expending our portfolio of raw materials, mainly with a range of so-called functional and active substances. The use of these raw materials allows our customers to differentiate their products on the market and bring customers major benefits.

Our portfolio currently contains over 500 types of extracts and active substances which have wide application in various fields of the food industry. We supply both European-type herbs and a whole range of extracts from exotic regions.

We also offer a whole range of vitamins, minerals and active substances produced by Italian company A.C.E.F. The advantage of our supply is the option to take delivery of a small amount of raw materials, with delivery for selected types beginning from just 100 g. As a supplier of raw materials to the food industry, we bring our customers flexible services and we do not load up their stores with excess amounts of raw materials. We also undertake the supply of a whole range of drinks emulsions which we develop on the basis of our customers’ wishes. We have recently been particularly active in the supply of probiotic strains for various forms of food products and food supplements.

We are also a major supplier of raw materials for joint nutrition, such as MSM (methylsulfonylmetahne), glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid. Our portfolio also includes various types of boswellic acids suitable both for the food and pharmaceutical industries. We also secure the import of a wide portfolio of soft-gel capsules for our customers, such as the ever more popular Omega 3 unsaturated fatty acid, or lecithin, soft-gel capsules.

We currently exclusively represent these global raw material producers:

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