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Raw materials cosmetics industry

Our portfolio of raw materials for the cosmetics industry is where we began to shape our business activities. The first materials which our customers came to associate us with were preservatives. Over time, we expanded our range of raw materials supplied in the cosmetics and household chemicals field to include additional suppliers and products.

At the current time, we provide a comprehensive range of raw materials from basic cosmetics raw materials to high-tech specialities. Our portfolio includes both purely natural substances and a whole range of materials developed on the basis of the most recent research and trends. For us, the cosmetics industry is one of the key fields of our activities.

Besides raw materials distribution, this in particular involves:

  • Training and process implementation within production hygiene.
  • Recipe development and innovation.
  • Training of production employees.
  • Consultation in legislation.

We supply a full range of raw materials for the cosmetics industry such as: preservatives, perfumes, emulsifiers, plant extracts, waxes, emollients, softeners and a number of other active substances.

We endeavour to offer our customers flexibility and fast specialist advice. An advantage of our whole range of raw materials is the purchase quantities we are able to supply our customers, from just 100 g for selected materials. We also always ensure professional service in documentation supplied.

We participate in specialist cosmetics seminars and conferences in the Czech Republic and Slovakia at which we give regular talks on specialist topics, thus contributing to the deepening of the wide ‘cosmetics audience’ knowledge.

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